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Victories and Case Results for Law Office of Mike Campbell

$90,000 Columbia, Mo car accident settlement:  Our client suffered injuries to one of her knees and her shoulder in car accident in Columbia, Missouri.  Although the claim was initially rejected by other firms and denied by our client’s own insurer, attorney Mike Campbell was able to secure the treating doctor’s opinion that all of our client’s injuries were caused by the collision.  Since the other driver was uninsured, our firm made a demand upon our client’s own automobile insurer.  As a result of negotiation, this case was settled with the client’s own insurance company for $90,000.00.

$100,000 Mexico, Mo slip and fall case:  Our client suffered a traumatic injury to his right leg when he fell from a poorly constructed cattle chute.  After thorough investigation, it was determined that the owner knew the cattle chute was poorly constructed and posed a risk to farm hands and people working in and around the cattle chute.  As a result of attorney Mike Campbell’s investigation and negotiations, this case settled for $100,000.00 with the insurer for the farmer.

$100,000 Columbia, Mo car accident:  Our client was significantly injured when her vehicle was rear-ended by an inattentive driver.  Fortunately, our client recovered fully from her injuries.  After a brief investigation, attorney Mike Campbell was able to submit his findings to the insurance company and secured a $100,000.00 settlement for our client.

$37,500 Columbia, Mo automobile accident settlement:  Our client was injured when another vehicle failed to yield and hit our client’s vehicle in a parking lot at a high rate of speed.  Initially, our client had typical whiplash symptoms.   However, our client continued to have back and neck pain over the course of the next several months.  After his release from conservative treatment with a local chiropractor, we were able to secure a $37,500.00 result for our client.

$65,000 Columbia, Mo slip and fall:  While pumping gas on a cold January evening, our client slipped and fell on some untreated ice.  Following treatment, our client was eventually diagnosed with a tear in her right knee.  Despite slip and fall on ice cases being difficult to resolve, attorney Mike Campbell was able to avoid filing suit and resolved his client’s case for $65,000.00.

$50,000 Mexico, Mo auto accident:  Our client was walking into his daily work shift when he was struck at a high rate of speed while crossing the road.  Initially, the insurance company denied that their insured was responsible.  However, after investigation into the driver’s background, attorney Mike Campbell was able to show that the driver had a history of reckless driving and that our firm’s client deserved to be compensated for his injuries.  Following the investigation, the insurer offered the policy limits of its insurance policy, of $50,000.00.

$55,000 Jefferson City auto accident:  All our client could recall from this wreck was seeing the other driver run a red light before the driver smashed into our client’s car.  As a result of the wreck, our client suffered tears in his shoulder which required surgery.  Although our client fully recovered, we sought compensation for his injury and for pain and suffering.  After lengthy negotiation with the insurer for the other driver, attorney Mike Campbell was able to resolve this case for $55,000.00.

$50,000 Callaway County auto accident:  Our client had looked forward to seeing her daughter graduate for years.  Unfortunately, due to a reckless and inattentive driver, our client spent the day in the emergency room after her car was rear ended at a high rate of speed on Interstate 70 in Callaway County.   After some conservative therapy, our client continued to have pain in her right shoulder.  Attorney Mike Campbell was able to sit down with our client’s doctor and secured an opinion that all of the client’s shoulder problems resulted from the wreck.  After filing suit, the insurer agreed to pay the policy limits of its policy of insurance, or $50,000.00.

$14,800.00 Centralia, Mo work injury:  Our client suffered a significant injury to his finger while working for a local employer.  After negotiation, attorney Mike Campbell was able to secure a satisfactory result for the client.

$18,000.00 Columbia, Mo work injury:  The client sustained an injury to his shoulder and hand, which required some physical therapy and conservative treatment.  After extended negotiation, attorney Mike Campbell obtained an offer of just over $18,000.00 for compensation for the client’s injuries.

$9,300.00 Columbia, Mo work injury:  After suffering a laceration to his right hand, the client secured the services of attorney Mike Campbell.  Mr. Campbell ensured that the client received all of the treatment he deserved under the law and was able to obtain a settlement of $9,366.98 for the client.

$12,600 Marshall, Mo work injury:  Our client fell on some water on the floor of her workplace, which led to bruising and an injury to the client’s back.  After lengthy negotiation, attorney Mike Campbell secured a $12,600.00 settlement for the client.

$25,000.00 Jefferson City, Mo work injury:  While assisting one of her clients out of a chair, our client fell and fractured her left wrist.  Mr. Campbell repeatedly fought for his client’s right to medical treatment, which was eventually provided to the client’s satisfaction.  The case was resolved before trial for $25,000.00.

$13,300 Columbia, Mo work injury:  Our client fell when he was working on a ladder at a local employer.  Attorney Mike Campbell held the employer responsible for all past medical bills, some of which were disputed by the employer.  After our client fully recovered, attorney Mike Campbell was able to secure a $13,300 settlement for the client’s right knee injury.

$33,000.00 St. Louis, Mo work injury:  While providing security at an employer in St. Louis, our client fell on a slippery substance which was not cleaned from one of the floors.  The client suffered an injury to his hip and his claim was initially written off by the employer. The client was told no further treatment would be provided and that he did not have a case.  After nearly a year of investigation and arguments, attorney Mike Campbell was able to get the client the treatment he needed, which included a partial hip replacement.  After lengthy negotiations, the case settled for $33,000.00.

Mr. Campbell has secured numerous other favorable results for his clients beyond those reflected on this page since the opening of his firm in 2015.  Mr. Campbell knows that the best way to hold an insurer responsible for paying for a client’s injuries is to show the insurer that he is willing to fight tooth and nail to secure every penny his client deserves. Mr. Campbell will work with the insurers to try and resolve your case, but is prepared to take your case to trial and the insurers know this.

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