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Columbia, MO Serious Injury Lawyer

When you or someone you love becomes seriously injured, it can feel like your entire world is falling apart. Serious injuries can result in days or even weeks of hospital time, risky surgeries, a slow and painful recovery process, emotional and mental stress, and/or lifelong complications. The unfortunate truth is that debilitating injuries often result in conditions that simply can’t be recovered from.

If injuries of this nature aren’t the victim’s fault and can be either be directly or indirectly blamed on another person or party, the injuries as well as any mental or emotional stresses can feel amplified, making the recovery process much more difficult than it should be. Peace of mind is central to the healing process, and sometimes the only way to receive peace of mind is with legal aid such as with the help of a Columbia, MO serious injury lawyer.

The Truth About Personal Injury Law

Many Americans wrongly believe that hiring a personal injury lawyer requires major upfront costs. This isn’t true whatsoever. Most personal injury lawyers, including Columbia, MO personal injury lawyer Mike Campbell, make money by charging what’s known as a contingency fee. Contingency fees aren’t paid until a case is won in your favor. This lets you receive the best legal aid available while ensuring your attorney does everything they can to succeed.

Personal injury law covers all types of serious injuries that can occur after a wide range of accidents, incidents, acts of negligence, and wrongdoings. For a personal injury case to be successful, injuries must have been inflicted by the direct or indirect actions of another person, entity, company, or organization. Personal injury cases are civil matters and entirely separate from criminal cases, but have strict deadlines (statutes of limitations) in the state of Missouri regarding filing times.

Injuries sustained during major auto accidents, workplace accidents such as construction site accidents, or accidents that take place on another person’s property (commonly referred to as premises liability) all count as personal injury cases. Injuries that result from an unprovoked dog bite attack, for example, also count. Finally, when a victim is injured or suffers from side effects caused by a product that’s supposed to be safe or negligent doctors, nurses, or medical staff, product liability lawsuits, nursing home abuse lawsuits, or medical malpractice lawsuits are there to aid us, giving us a voice against wrongful acts that are committed.

When we’re able to hold guilty parties financially responsible for their actions, this gives us peace of mind by knowing that the guilty party or company may not harm anyone else again. Lawsuits often impact laws, FDA rulings, and regulations for future generations. Personal injury lawsuits also, of course, help us and our families financially recover after costly medical bills and time away from work have wreaked havoc.

Getting Help from a Columbia, MO Serious Injury Lawyer

A serious, painful injury can significantly disrupt your entire life. Handling even minor tasks like running errands or doing housework can prove challenging. Crippling medical bills can mount up, causing unnecessary worry and stress. Dealing with these issues, as well as with holding the guilty party liable for your injuries, should not be your responsibility alone.

You should be focused on your recovery while an experienced attorney fights for your rights and fights for the compensation you deserve. The Law Office of Mike Campbell has experience fighting for injured clients in and out of the courtroom and will do whatever it takes to get you the financial compensation you need and deserve to help your family recover. Contact us to learn more or receive a free case evaluation.

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