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What Can You Do to Protect Your Safety at a Business?

Published on May 31, 2019 at 3:00 pm in Premises Liability.

When you go to a business, you expect it to have proper security measures to keep people on the premises safe. Criminal activity like theft or more serious matters that involve weapons are terrifying and often leave people wondering if they could have been stopped. Businesses and institutions that don’t take the correct safety precautions could potentially be putting their customers and visitors at risk.

If you or a loved one was injured because an establishment lacked the security to properly maintain safety, then you can seek legal options. A Columbia, MO negligent security lawyer from The Law Office of Mike Campbell can help you get the justice you deserve. We can look into what happened when you were injured and how responsible security would have most likely stopped it. You can rest assured that an attorney will be looking out for your best interests.

What Security Should an Establishment Have?

Negligent security is connected to premises liability law. Property owners are supposed to keep their premises safe. While on one hand this includes cleaning up spills, this also means having security in case of criminal activity.

If you are traveling somewhere or are curious about the safety measures taken at businesses you go to regularly, you can take steps to check what their security is like. You have to prioritize your wellbeing.

You can check to see if the premises has security cameras. These can be a major deterrent to criminals because their actions will easily be documented. If something does happen, then there is video with evidence of the crime. Police will be able to access it and use any information they get from the video to possibly capture someone and then it can be used to help your claim later.

Another measure to look for is security guards. There could be one for the premises or a team, depending on the size. It can be concerning if some establishments do not have a security team that has authority and can offer help to those who need it.

One of the most basic security measures may not have even crossed your mind: Emergency exits. Buildings should have more than one way out. This is so in case there’s a dangerous situation, people have more than one option to get out of the area. There are different benefits to this. One, people don’t charge the same exit and block the only one. The panic could also cause people to get trampled. Two, if there’s an emergency and the main entrance is blocked, there are other ways to leave. Premises that do not have this can have a major safety issue.

Get in Touch with The Law Office of Mike Campbell

If you were injured at a business or establishment where a violent crime occurred, you may be struggling with finding your voice during the aftermath. It’s common for companies to try and bury situations concerning negligent security due to the fear of getting sued, but always remember you are allowed to speak up for yourself and demand that someone is held liable when you were wrongfully injured.

Speaking up may also have other positive consequences. If a business doesn’t have the security they should and you were injured as a result, your lawsuit will send a message. They will likely not want to go through this again and will aim to prevent situations where people are injured on their premises. To do this, they may implement more security measures that lessens the chances of criminal activity. The customers and employees will both be safer because of the new security.

Getting started on your case as soon as possible allows your lawyer to possibly access more physical evidence and what happened is still fresh in your mind. Give our office a call today.

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