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Compensation for Emotional Trauma After a Missouri Car Wreck

Published on Oct 30, 2017 at 11:32 am in Car Accidents.

Car accidents cause many kinds of trauma. You might expect to deal with physical injuries, like bruises or soreness, but you could sustain other kinds of injuries.

Emotional trauma affects your mind. When you’re suffering from emotional trauma, everyday activities might seem more difficult, your temperament could be different, and you might not connect these behaviors to the car accident.

Car accidents do more than hurt us mentally and physically. They can also cause financial stress. That’s where we come in. Mike Campbell, a Missouri personal injury lawyer, is a dedicated and skilled lawyer who will fight for your rights. When you have the help of a trusted lawyer at your side, you can focus on getting well again.

What Are Signs of Emotional Trauma?

People might not know what emotional trauma looks like. When you’re dealing with emotional injuries, they will manifest in physical ways that you’ll be able to recognize.

  • Trouble Sleeping. This includes issues with falling asleep, staying asleep, and having nightmares.
  • Uncharacteristic moodiness or irritability is a signal that something is off.
  • Chronic fatigue isn’t a typical issue to deal with, especially if you’re getting plenty of sleep and are usually energetic.
  • Do you feel like you’re withdrawing from your social life, or pulling away from people that you normally would want to be around? This could be a sign of emotional trauma.
  • OCD-like Behaviors. An onset of obsessive compulsive behaviors could be a result of trauma from the car crash.
  • Sense of Being Overwhelmed. While dealing with the aftermath of a car crash and worrying about your health are overwhelming, you might get distraught, overwhelming feelings out of the blue.

How Do You Treat Emotional Trauma?

Time and professional help will treat emotional trauma. Over time, some severe symptoms might go away on their own. A counselor will help you process what happened, listen to your symptoms, and work on methods for you to overcome your emotional trauma.

Treating emotional trauma might be a counselor referring you to another specialist, taking prescription medication, or giving you some mental tips to get you on track to healing your mind.

How Do You Get Compensation for Emotional Trauma?

Emotional trauma can be difficult to prove. You have to show that the crash changed your mental state and that you’re still suffering from those changes. Because the other party caused the crash, they are at fault for your emotional trauma.

A counselor can help because they can attest to your changed mental state and can testify on your behalf to the insurance companies. Other professionals that can provide helpful testimony are psychologists or doctors.

If you’re on medication because of the trauma from the car crash, providing your prescription can help, too.

Paying for mental health counseling and medicine can be expensive, and those bills can pile up. When someone else’s reckless behavior is the reason you have to deal with those payments, then you deserve compensation for the trauma they caused.

How Can a Columbia, MO Car Accident Lawyer Help You?

Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident in Missouri? Has someone suffered emotional trauma and is struggling to get their life back on track? The law office of Mike Campbell can work with you to file a claim.

With experience in car accident cases, Mike Campbell will help you file a lawsuit so you can get the compensation you deserve. You’ll be able to ask a professional any questions about the filing process and get informed and thoughtful answers.

When you stand up for yourself legally, you show the negligent driver that their behavior caused real damage and won’t be tolerated.

Don’t wait another minute. Call us today at (573) 607-1818 and we can discuss your options and what’s in your best interests.

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